Rage War

Have you ever wondered what it's like to build a civilization from the Stone Age and see it growing through ancient history till the time when human beings will no longer consider themselves as Homo sapiens ... Here you have the opportunity to lead a real human civilization throughout thousands of years of bloodshed and marvelous discoveries.

Available on: Web / iOS / Android

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About us

We look like a dream team. We are not. We are better! We are a bunch of stubborn, egocentric and self-absorbed people, but somehow we function as smoothly as a well assembled, deadly machine. Jivko and Vassil are the absolute Ruby freaks, that kind of developers you always want to work with. Curious, pushy and always looking for a technical challenge (such as learning Flash in 3 months). Mac fans, but this is not something we are proud of.

To make the perfect game you need a unique and engaging story, easily recognizable and user-friendly interface, and of course mathematics, formulas and a lot of balance. The ideal team is real – Kaloyan will create for you fascinating imaginary worlds, George will strike you with unusual and extraordinary gameplay ideas and can bring the best out in every artist or designer he works with, and Dancho is our beautiful mind, there are no secrets in mathematics for him. These guys live in three different virtual universes, but in reality they work as a team for more than a year. All three are terribly distracted, but still manage to compensate with epicness and a lot of knowledge.

We are currently working on our first cross platform game and drinking a lot of coffee.


Fury Chief

Makes people do stuff. Very angry and loud person. Needs to chill a bit and learn how to let loose.


Lead Developer

A real black ninja who kicks serios ass.


Lead Developer

A real life rockstar and a very passionate gamer. The last part leads him to being not a very friendly morning person.


Senior Game Designer

Did you know that every genius is very closely related to insanity? Yeah, he drives us nuts, but his mind is so awesome, we allow him to continue.


Senior Game Designer

Designers’ whisperer, no matter if we talk about 3D, web or games. His epic beard needs its own Twitter account, for sure!


Senior Game Designer

Hates to lose, very bad. That's why we love beating him every time possible. He makes it really hard for us, but try is what counts.



Fury is a Bulgarian gaming company that focuses on developing cross-platform products. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Sofia. The studio is currently working on its first game – the Medieval Mass Multiplayer Ragewar. It will be released on multiple platforms and is expected to be on the market in the second half of 2015.